Welcome to Oasys Help

Welcome to Oasys Help
We hope that you find Oasys useful and easy to use. If you are having trouble please browse the help and or the website. Listed below are some common issues that new users of the program have. At the bottom of the page are links to other sections of the help.

Oasys saves all personally identifiable information to your computer and all anonymous information to a database on this website. We aim to use this information to further the understanding of occupational asthma. The system complies with UK data protection law. If you want more information about this please see Data Protection and the Oasys Program

The program wants me to Log In - what do I do?

To use the Oasys program you must be registered with this website. We will not disclose your email address to anyone else and will only send you emails if you have requested it.

If you have already registered with the website but have forgotten your password please ask for a new one at passwordreminder.aspx. See Logging On for more details.

I have logged in, now what?

The first thing new users will want to do is to start a new record (see Creating a new record for more details, or read the summary below) . If you are working in an office with others you may want to set up a patient details file that you all share. See the section on sharing patient details for details.

To start a new record click on "File - New Internet Record". A new window will open. You can choose to enter a record from one of your previous patients, but since this is your first one there are none available. Click on "Patient Info" and enter the the patients details. If you know the height, sex and date of birth of the patient enter these and click on "Calculate Predicteds" so that Oasys works out the predicted peak flow. You also enter the start date of the record here. Click on "Record Info" and enter treatment and meter details. Click on "Workplace" and enter job, employer and exposure details. Then click on "OK".

If you wish to change any of these demographic details later on simply click on "View - Patient Demographics" (See Patient Demographics for more details). You may also wish to add Clinical / Audit Demographics.

A new record will be created and you will be taken to the data sheet where you can enter the peak flow measurements. You can also import readings from some electronic meters if you have the relevant version of Oasys installed. See Importing Readings from the Mini-Wright Digital and Importing Readings from the Asma-1 for more details.

Click on "File - Save" every now and then to save the record.

I have finished entering the record, how do I see the report?

Click on "View - Report". See the Oasys Report section to find out what everything means.

Oasys has lost my login details - help!

If you have not saved a file for a while it is possible that the Oasys server (the bit on the website that saves the anonymous part of your records) has forgotten about you. Please don't take this personally. Simply click on "File - Log On to the Oasys Server" to log on and then try again.

How do I open records?

If you have used Oasys before then you will already have same some records. Or maybe you are sharing a patient details file with colleagues and you would like to look at records they have saved. Click on Opening Records for more details or read the summary below.

Click on "File - Open from Internet", a new window will appear. Click on "PID" to search by patient id, Oasys will return any records with a Patient ID that contains the text. Eg, searching for "89" will match "893", "389" etc etc. Similar things apply for the name, company and date. You can also paste in a list of Patient Id's "PID List" from other programs and search for them all at once. Clicking "Mine" and then "Go" will return all records that you have saved.

After searching Oasys will list all the matching records at the bottom of the window. Double clicking on one of these will open it. You can then click on "View - Data Sheet" to add / modify data or "View - Report" to look at the Oasys Report on the record. You can select multiple records and then click "Open" to open more than one at a time.

Some details from the current record (name, start date etc) are always displayed on the toolbar of the main screen. If you have more than one record open you can choose the one to look at by clicking on these details and choosing from the list.

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where do I find the tab to use FEV1 rather than PEF in a downloaded record which has both

Hi, Unfortunately, the Oasys version that is freely avaibale from the website doesn't have the FEV1 analysis, only PEF. If this is something you would really like, we may be able to put it onto an updated version. However, the research we have so far undertaken in this area shows that FEV1 has a lower sensitivity and specificity than PEF for the diagnosis of occupational asthma.

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