Exporting Patient Details for Open Records

The best way to share records with co workers is to share your patient details file, please see the link below for more information.

Sharing / Transporting your Patient Details

Sometimes you may wish to share records by email, for example with colleagues in other hospitals. In this case you can create a new patient details file which can then be emailed. You can choose to anonymise the details for confidentiality and to make the records read only to ensure that the other party cannot modify your data.

There are two ways to create a patient details file. This page is about exporting details for records that you currently have open in Oasys. The other method involves choosing from a list of all your records, please click on Exporting Patient Details for more information on this. 

If you already have the records open that you want to export then this method is quicker as you don't need to spend time choosing them from the list.

To begin click on "Tools - Export Patient Details for all Open Records" from the main menu. A new window will appear showing options to anonymise the records and to make them read only. Tick the read only and anonymisation options as desired, choose the name of the file to export to and click on "Ok". A new patient details file will be created which you can then email to a colleague. 

Error Messages

The following errors can occur when exporting patient details.

"Problem exporting the patient details file. Message returned: ..."

If you see this message then Oasys was unable to create a new patient details file. It is probably because Oasys cannot access the file to create ("c:\oasys_collaboration_with_gords.opd" in the screenshot below). The following are possible reasons why this could happen
  • The filename is invalid (some characters such as ';' are not allowed in filenames)
  • The file is protected and cannot be opened (it might be read only)
  • The file is in a location that you do not have access to (on a password protected network for example)
  • The file is open in another program (sometimes this is OK, sometimes the other program prohibits access to the file)

"Cannot open the patient details file, unable to list records. Message returned: ..."
"Problem reading from the patient details file. Message returned: ..."

If you see this message then Oasys cannot read your patient details file and no records will be available to tick. Oasys hopes that it will never show you this message and will instead return more useful messages but programmers are human so you never know. Check the Oasys Options to make sure Oasys knows where the patient details file is.

There are also a couple of more general messages that could be shown, click on "Patient details file corrupted" for more details.

Example screenshot

The exported patient details file will be called "c:\oasys_collaboration_with_gords.opd" and the records within it will be anonymised and read only.


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