Using Oasys

Using Oasys
The process of diagnosing occupational asthma from serial peak flow records using Oasys contains the following steps:

  1. Ask the patient to measure their peak flow every two hours from waking up until going to bed.
  2. Download the latest version of Oasys from this website if you have not already done so.
  3. Register with this website if you have not already done so.
  4. Enter the data into Oasys.
  5. Look at the Oasys report for the record.
  6. Interpret the results.
Please click on the links to find out more about the individual steps, or to actually complete the steps (for registering and downloading the latest version of Oasys).

You can also look at the more traditional serial plot, although we don't think this is as useful as the other graphs and we don't recommend it.


many thanks for your interest - the Oasys software is free and can be downloaded from this website. You need to purchase either the mini-wright digital (Oasys version) meter from clement clarke or the asma-1 usb from Vitalograph if you would like to upload readings directly. Depending on which meter you choose will decide which Oasys version you download. If you need any further information, let us know. many thanks

What are the ideal exposed and not exposed periods to be confident that PEFR variations are not work-related?


Using the oasys score, the sensitivity and specificity are improved when you have at least 3 consecutive work days in any work period, at least 3 complexes of data (approx 3 weeks) and at least 4 readings per day. With the ABC score if you have more readings per day for a shorter time, sensitivity and specificity will remian high (8 work days and 3 rest days with 8 readings per day; more days needed with less readings). If you want to absolutely make sure that there is no improvement with time off work, i would ask the patient to complete 4 weeks of records having a week off in the middle as some people take longer than a weekend to recover. We always ask for 2-3 hourly readings so that we at least get on average 6 a day (people tend to do less than you ask for).

Is there a pritable manual of Oasys?


Hi There

There isn't really a printable manual for Oasys.

There is context sensitive help available throughout the program, which opens pages on this website.

You can also just browse the help pages on the website, starting at

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