Sharing / Transporting your Patient Details

Oasys stores all personally identifiable information about patients on each users local computer. It is stored in a file called the "Patient Details File". All the non identifiable data is stored on the Oasys website. See the section on Data Protection and the Oasys Database for more information.

The default location for this file is "My Documents\oasyspatientdetails.opd". If you only work on one computer and you do not need to give anyone else access to your records then the default will work well.

Sharing the patient details

If you work with a number of people and everyone needs to be able to access the Oasys records then you will need to share the patient details file.

We recommend that you place the patient details file on a network location that is shared by all users. Every user will then need to enter this location in the Oasys Options so that Oasys knows where to find the file.

If you already have a patient details file then you can copy it to this new location. If not just set the desired location in the options and Oasys will create the file the first time that it needs to use it.

Transporting the patient details

If you work on more than one computer and you wish to access your Oasys records from all of them you will need to install Oasys onto every computer and you need to make sure that each computer has access to your patient details file. This can be done by putting it on a shared network location (as above). However if this is not an option (perhaps because a home computer is not connected to the work network) we recommend that you store the patient details on an encrypted USB stick. You can take this with you and plug it into the computer you are working on. You will need to go to the Oasys Options on each computer and enter the location of the file. Note that this will make it harder to share your records with colleagues, as they will need to have the USB stick in order to look at your records.


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