Data Protection and The Oasys Server

No personal details are ever sent to or stored on the Oasys Server.

The system has been verified and is used by Heartlands Hospital (where a large proportion of the Oasys team work).

These pages are intended to reassure and inform users about the way that Oasys uses information and complies with data protection. This page contains an overview of the system and contains links to all the further details.

The Oasys Server stores anonymous data from all records analysed in the modern version of Oasys on a central database, hosted on the internet. The Oasys client program runs on each users local computer and stores all the personally identifiable information on the local computer (your computer).

Please see the links below for more information
You can also see some example data on the Oasys Server, so that you can satisfy yourself that it is anonymous.
The personal details for all your patients are stored in the patient details file, which stays on your computer. The link below contains an example file (with fictitious people). This file does contain personally identifiable information, but it stays on your computer.

Every year an audit of the Oasys Server will be done, to try and answer questions such as: how many people get occupational asthma, what agents are causing occupational asthma and so on. This audit data is, of course, anonymous as the data it is based on contains no personal details. Please click to view the Oasys Audit Report for 2010.

Sometimes the Oasys team will search through the Oasys Server as part of a research project. They will identify suitable records and perform some kind of analysis on them. This might be to see how effective a new computer scoring system for occupational asthma is, for example.

The Oasys team can also view records on request. If you have a record that you would like an opinion on, please get in touch from the contact page at the bottom of the screen using the email that you log on with.

We can never see any personal details for your patients.


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