The Oasys Combined Report

The Combined report looks exactly the same as the Oasys Report. The only difference is that it will merge all records from the same patient into one long record.

To view the combined report for a patient first open all their records (searching by patient id or patient name will be the easiest way of doing this). Next click "View - Combined Report" to open the combined report.

All records with the same patient id are shown on the same report. If there is no patient id then all records with the same name are shown.

The "Daily" page of the report is the most useful in this case. A patients peak flow often varies quite a lot between records. This can be due to using different meters, a change in medication / weather / lifestyle / age, deterioration of symptoms or an improvement in symptoms (possibly due to a relocation at work away from the suspected causative agent). These changes invalidate the Oasys scores and the hourly and shift trends graphs are also affected. We leave these pages in for interests sake and for the occasions where there are only minor confounding factors between records. We find the Daily section of the combined report very useful for eyeballing how a patient has got on over a period of time and how they have responded to any of our interventions. The mechanism for spotting possible respiratory tract infections is also confused by these changes and cannot be relied upon in the combined graph.

If the graph is too big tick the "Half Scale" box at the top of the window to make it more manageable.


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