The Oasys Report

The Oasys Report
The Oasys report shows the results of the Oasys Analysis of the serial peak flow record. Computer analysis can never replace an expert opinion and for this reason the Oasys scores of occupational asthma make up only a small part of the report. Much of the rest of the report shows graphs that we find useful in diagnosing occupational asthma.

To open the report click on "View - Report"

The report is also the place to add comments and add opinions. Click the links for more information.

The Oasys report has 5 sections, and each one has its own dedicated page, linked below.
Each page of the report can be copied and then pasted into other applications. Click anywhere on a page of the report and then click on "Edit - Copy". A message will appear telling you the dimensions of the graph. Simply open the other program and paste in the picture. The picture is copied as a metafile, or .emf (as opposed to a .jpg, .gif etc) and some programs like to be told the original size of the image, which is why you are shown the message.


my scores are showing zero what could be wrong i have entered all the data

If the oasys score is 0, it will be because there are not enough complexes (rest-work-rest periods or work-rest-work periods) for an oasys score to be made. This can happen when you may have a period at work and a period off work only for example. If you would like my info, please feel free to ask a question through the forum where i can then directly reply to you.
Many thanks

my reported scores are showing zero what could be wrong?

You could send us the record so that we can take a look. Export an anonymised version of your patient details file (see link below) and email it to us. You can start the conversation using the "Contact Oasys" link at the bottom of this page
Exporting patient details for open records

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