Oasys Server Connection Checker

The Oasys program needs to communicate with the Oasys server to login, open / save records and suchlike. It is designed to be as firewall friendly as possible, and works "out of the box" with the default windows firewall settings. However, some firewalls, especially some of the stricter coroprate ones, can interfere with the operation of Oasys. It is also possible to have other, non firewall based, connection issues.

Oasys has a "Connection Checker" that can help pinpoint connection problems and provide guidance on what firewall settings need to be changed to allow Oasys to operate.

To open the connection checker - click on "Tools - Connection Checker" from the main menu.

The Connection Checker runs a series of tests to diagnose reasons why Oasys is not able to communicate with the Oasys Server. If one of the tests fails Oasys will display a message explaining the problem along with a list of actions to take. The tests are as follows

Check Internet Connection

The Oasys Server is on the internet so if there is no internet connection it will not be able to work. 

Check availability of "www.occupationalasthma.com"

The Oasys Server is hosted on our website which can occasionally have technical difficulties. This step checks that our website is up and running.

Check availability of the Oasys Server

The Oasys Server itself could be experiencing technical difficulties, although this step more usually fails due to a firewall problem.

Please click on "URL of the Oasys Server" and make sure that it is set correctly in the options.

Please check that the Oasys program "oautil.exe", "oautilasma1.exe" or "oautilmwd.exe" has access to this URL in your firewall.

Check communication

If this test fails please check that Oasys has permission to use the "application/text" content in the firewall




I am currently having issues logging into the software? when i use connection checked it's advising me that SOAP access have been blocked by the firewall. I have not made any changes to the network/pc so not sure why it has stopped working.

Any help would be appreciated

Hi There, apologies for the slow reply, I think this notification went missing. Are you still having this problem?

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