Save to a Different Patient

Save to a Different Patient
There are times when you might have two records for the same patient which are saved as two separate, distinct patients within Oasys. For example, you receive and type in a record for a J. Bloggs, at the time not knowing anything more than the initial for the first name. A long time later you receive a record from a Joe Bloggs. Oasys cannot automatically match these two names and you might not notice it either and so create  new patient.

This situation is nothing to worry about, Oasys will not complain and you will be able to use the records as normal. However you might wish to correct the problem for your own record keeping purposes. There are also some advantages that Oasys can give you when this is done. For example if you edit the details for a patient (say you find out the patient ID and date of birth for Joe Bloggs) Oasys will automatically apply this to all other records of the same patient.

To change the patient for a record (and in the example above bring together the two records for Joe Bloggs) click on "File - Save to Different Patient On Oasys Server" from the main menu and a new window will open. Click on the patient that you will like to change to, tick the box to confirm the change and then click OK. You will not be able to click OK until you have ticked the box to confirm the change, to try and avoid mistakes.

If you have a patient (J.Bloggs in the example above) that you no longer need then you can delete it. See deleting patients and records for more information.

In the screenshot below a record for "J. Bloggs" is being saved to "Joe Bloggs". The tick box at the bottom has not been ticked so the OK button is not available. The tick box shows how the patient details will change for the record.


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