Importing readings from the Asma-1

Importing readings from the Asma-1
The first time you import readings from an Asma-1 meter, you will need to make sure that the driver has installed properly. This should happen automatically, but please see these instructions if it isn't working for you.

To import readings from the Asma-1 meter first open the  data sheet, either by creating a new record  or by opening an existing one and then clicking on "View - Data Sheet" from the main menu.

Once in the data sheet click on the "Import Readings" button in the bottom left of the data sheet, and then select "From Vitalograph Asma-1" from the menu that pops up.

Once you have pressed the button a new window will appear. Click on "Import Readings from Asma-1". Oasys will search the available ports to see if it can find an Asma-1 that is plugged in and in upload mode. You should now make sure that the Asma-1 is plugged in and hold down the "up arrow" button on the Asma-1 to put it into Upload mode. Oasys will then locate the meter and upload the readings. When this finishes Oasys will show you a reassuring message.

If you want to erase the memory on the meter click on "Clear Asma-1 Memory". Next click on "Finished" and the data sheet will move to the start date of the imported readings so that you can see them easily.

If Oasys can't find the meter then make sure that it is plugged in securely. If you did not get time to plug it in and put it in upload mode before Oasys stopped searching then you can simply try again.

It is best to install Oasys before plugging the meter into the computer.

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