Oasys Audit Patient Report

Oasys Audit Patient Report
To view the audit report for a patient click on "View - Oasys Audit Patient Report".  If you already have a record open a new window will open showing the report.

The audit report shows the summary of the investigations / diagnosis for a patient who is being investigated for occupational asthma. Missing information is highlighted in blue so that it is easily spotted and updated.

We are entering this report for all patients that we investigate for occupational asthma. The report goes in the first page of the patient's notes and whenever the patient comes in to clinic the printout is updated (by hand) with any new information. This paper copy is then entered into Oasys by the clerks and a new printout produced for the notes. 

The Oasys server stores all the anonymous parts of this data and will be able to produce reports on occupational asthma incidence. It will also link in with regional occupational asthma surveillance schemes such as Shield. If you run a regional scheme please get in touch so that we can talk to you about it. No personally identifiable information is ever sent to or stored on the Oasys Server. The name, ID and suchlike on this report come from your patient details file.

Please see the help on Oasys Patient Audit Data for details on entering the data for this report.

To see the report for a different patient click on the button at the top right of the main form that is displaying the name and demographics of the patient.

If you open / click on the Oasys Report window the Audit Report will automatically update to show the same patient as the Oasys Report. The Audit Report needs to retrieve data from the Oasys Server to do this which might be a bit slow at times. If this happens close the Audit Report when you are finished with it to speed things up.

If you do not have any records open a new window will open showing all the patients from your patient details file (shown below). Simply double click on a patient to see the report for that patient. If you start typing a patient name or ID Oasys will go to the next matching patient.

Example screenshot


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