Restoring your patient details file

It is wise to backup your patient details file regularly. Oasys is able backup to this website (see backing up your patient details). If you have lost your patient details file then you may need to restore one of your backups.

To restore your patient details click on "Tools - Restore Patient Details". A new window will open which will list all the backups you have previously made.

Click on one of these (usually the most recent) and then click "Restore".

A new window will open asking for the passphrase that you entered when backing up. Oasys will attempt to decrypt the details using this passphrase. If it is successful another window will open asking you where to save the details. The filename will default to the date and description of the backup.

Once you have restored the patient details you may need to edit the options so that Oasys knows the name and location of your patient details file.

Example screenshots


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