Saving Local Backups

Saving Local Backups
If you try to save a record when there is no connection with the Oasys Server (perhaps the internet connection has gone down), then Oasys will save a copy of the record to your hard disk, so that you don't lose any work. Some more details are available on the Record saved as local backup page.

If one of your colleagues opens this same record at this point they will only see the old version and will not be able to see any changes you have made, so you should try and save these local backups as soon as possible.

Whenever you login Oasys will check to see if you have any local backups and will ask if you wish to save them (you need to be able to access the Server to login so Oasys knows that now is a good time). We recommend that you do this. However you can click on "Tools - Save Local Backups" to do it at another time if you wish.

If one of your colleagues has opened this record while you have it saved locally on your hard disk, and they make changes and save them to the server, these changes will be lost when you save your local backup of the record. It is a good idea to save your local backups as soon as possible!

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