Saving old Oasys 2 Beta files

The new version of Oasys cannot work with the files produced by the old Oasys 2 Beta version, however it can convert these into the new format and save them. To start the process click on "Tools - Save old Oasys 2 Beta files" from the main menu.

A new window will open asking you to choose a directory. There is also a lot of text explaining how Oasys works out whether the data in these files is linearised or not (all modern meters show linear readings, older mechanical meters didn't). None of this is particularly important so feel free to ignore it, if you want to find out more see the more detailed explanation at the end of this page.

Once you have chosen a directory Oasys will convert all of the old Oasys 2 Beta files in it. A form is opened showing the progress and the results when finished. If you have files in more than one directory you can just repeat the process.

When each file is converted a new window will be opened asking you to confirm if the record is for a new patient or for an existing patient. This is the same form as when creating a new record, please click the link for more information.

Linearisation of old files

This section is not very important so feel free to ignore it if you are getting confused.

The old Mini Wright mechanical meters are called non linear meters. This means, for example, that the display of 800L/min does not correspond to exactly twice the flow rate of the display at 400l/min. This is due to the mechanical properties of the spring in the meter and does not have a big effect. The scale on new meters has been changed to correct this, in accordance with a new EU standard. No electronic meters that we know of have ever had this problem. There is also an equation that can be applied to the old non linear Mini Wright mechanical meters to correct the problem, which is what Oasys does.

If the old files have a '.OD1' extension this means that the old Oasys 2 Beta software has already linearised the record from a non linear Mini Wright meter so Oasys knows what to do.

If old files have a '.ODF' extension then the old Oasys 2 Beta software has not linearised the data. However this doesn't necessarily mean that a linear meter was used. The old software did not require the user to linearise data nor did it require the user to save the linearisation once done. Hence in this case Oasys does not know what kind of meter was used and doesn't know whether the data is linear or not. This is not a problem, Oasys is quite happy to analyse the data anyway. However it will affect the results a bit and means that Oasys will show you a warning message which can be a bit disconcerting. If this does happen you can either ignore the message or correct the problem by setting the meter type in the "Patient Demographics" window.


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