Download Oasys (free)

Download Oasys (free)

Download and run the setup program below to install Oasys. You will need to register with the website in order to use it (this is also free). The Oasys Installation Guide is here to make things easier if required.

         Download Oasys

Further Information

The latest version (November 2015) adds the ability to import readings from the eMini-Wright meter and from the Android (Mobile Phone / Tablet) PEFLogger program. The ABC and Timepoint scores are now calculated for all shift types, not just Day Shifts, following the publishing of new research: "Shift work effects on serial PEF measurements for occupational asthma", and there have also been quite a few bug fixes. Please see Oasys Version History for more information.

No personally identifiable information is ever sent to or stored on the Oasys Server.  See our data protection section for more details.  

The program links to the help pages on this website. If you wish to make any comments about the program you can add comments to the bottom of the help pages (if logged in), add questions to the forum (if logged in) or use the contact link at the bottom of every page. If the program crashes in some way it will want to email us so that we can fix the problem.

The old version of Oasys is still available for those that are not willing to register with the website, it can be downloaded using the "Download the Old beta version of Oasys from 1995" link further down the page.

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Do you have a MAC version fro OAsys?

Hi there, I'm afraid that Oasys only runs on windows.

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