Oasys Version History

Oasys Version History
This page shows the changes that have been made with each new release of Oasys. The first release was in March 2010.

March 2024

The March 2024 updates the default "Url of the Oasys Server" to start with "https", now that the url has been changed to make the website more secure.

February 2020

The February 2020 version fixes a problem with the Oasys Server "Connection Checker", that occurred after our web hosts transferred the website to a new server. It also includes ~15 minor bug fixes reported through the automatic bug tracking system.

June 2019

The June 2019 version adds the ability to import readings from the Smart Peak Flow mobile phone meter/ app.

Oasys no longer compresses data when sending it to the Oasys Server, which means that IT departments can check the data that is being sent, and satisfy themselves that: "No personally identifiable information is ever sent to or stored on the Oasys Server".

A problem with modern, High DPI, displays is fixed. A problem where some printers did not display the coloured backgrounds on some of the graphs is fixed. There are also various other bug fixes, and the automated reporting of bugs is improved.

November 2015

The November 2015 version adds the ability to import readings from the eMini-Wright meter and from the Android (Mobile Phone / Tablet) PEFLogger program. The ABC and Timepoint scores are now calculated for all shift types, not just Day Shifts, following the publishing of new research: "Shift work effects on serial PEF measurements for occupational asthma", and there have also been quite a few bug fixes.

For further details see the November 2015 Release Notes

April 2012

The April 2012 version has added the Firewall / Connection Checker, which can diagnose problems with connecting to the Oasys server and provide suggestions for firewall changes to allow Oasys access.

The Opening Records window now defaults to a simple mode which is much easier when working with small numbers of records. The advanced search options are still available, which are quicker when working with large numbers of records.

Bug fixes, in particular a problem when printing from the data entry sheet.

April 2011

The April 2011 version has added the Oasys Audit Centre Report which summarises data for all your records and patients entered in a user defined auditing period (usually a year / financial year). We hope that this will enable users to easily find out about the number of patients that they treat and the way in which they are diagnosed and managed. It should make entry of the Audit data (which is optional) more worthwhile.

March 2011

The March 2011 brings the following changes

September 2010

This version has incorporated the newly created "Oasys Audit Scheme". Users can now store audit data on their patients and print it out to go in the notes. This links in with the "Oasys Surveillance Scheme" which will track occupational incidence and can also link to regional surveillance schemes, such as Shield.

To enter the audit data for a patient click on "View - Oasys Audit Patient Data" from the main menu. A new window will appear where you can type in a variety of demographic, audit and clinical information.

To view the audit report for a patient click on "View - Oasys Audit Patient Report". A new window will open showing the data which can be printed. We are entering this data for all patients that we investigate for occupational asthma. The report goes in the first page of the patient's notes and whenever the patient comes in to clinic the prinout is updated with any new information. This paper copy is then entered into Oasys by the clerks and a new printout produced for the notes. The Oasys server stores all the anonymous parts of this data and will be able to produce reports on occupational asthma incidence. It will also link in with regional occupational asthma surveillance schemes such as Shield. If you run a regional scheme please get in touch so that we can talk to you about it.

Minor bug fixes.

June 2010

Ability to save old Oasys files using the new version of Oasys. Click on "Tools - Save old Oasys 2 Beta Files" from the main menu of the Oasys program to do this. Click on Saving old Oasys 2 beta files for more information.

Ability to share records with colleagues in other hospitals / countries / organisations. You can now create a patient details file with a subset of your records to pass to collaborators. These can be made read only and anonymous to protect your data. Click on "Tools - Export Patient Details" from the main menu of the Oasys program to do this. Click on Exporting patient details for more information.

Minor bug fixes.

April 2010

Minor bug fixes


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