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Comments for the paper: "Swimming facilities and work-related asthma", 2015, J Asthma
diagnosis on history and notes, no air measurements
Published Paper Comments, , 7/5/2016, 7/5/2016,

Oasys score versus the Timepoint Analysis
With an inadequate number of rest days between the exposures days, which is the most reliable score to use between the Oasys score and the Timepoint Analysis score? Kind Regards, Samantha
Oasys, Health Professional, 6/22/2016, 6/28/2016,

Comments for the paper: "Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis due to Metalworking Fluids: How to Find the Antigens", 2013, Neurobiology of respiration
This appears to a case with IgG antibodies to the moulds without specific challenge
Published Paper Comments, , 6/26/2016, 6/26/2016,

Comments for the paper: "Airway Symptoms and Biological Markers in Nasal Lavage Fluid in Subjects Exposed to Metalworking Fluids", 2013, Plos One
The questionnaire used looks like the Swedish sick building syndrome questionnaire, apart from cough and fatigue, it does not have questions that might detect asthma or hypersensitivity pneumonitis
Published Paper Comments, , 6/26/2016, 6/26/2016,

Comments for the paper: "Occupational hypersensitivity pneumonitis in a green tea manufacturer", 2016, Respirology Case Reports
There was no challenge or immunology to support causation
Published Paper Comments, , 6/22/2016, 6/22/2016,

Surveillane questionnaire
Where can a find the surveillance questionnaire and respiratory questionnaire recommended by this website?
Occupational Asthma, Specialist, 9/7/2015, 5/27/2016,

Comments for the paper: "Bronchial asthma with inflammation of the nose mucous membrane induced by occupational exposure to methyl methacrylate in a dental technician", 1996, Medycyna Pracy
Please I need help. My PFTs were in the 40s and I have not worked around MMA since. That has been 8 months ago. I had pulmonary hypertension which my Dr. attributed to my asthma. I was switched to a different inhaler, stopped working in the Dental lab as a Denture Technician and now my Pulmonary ...
Published Paper Comments, , 4/6/2016, 4/6/2016,

Where can I find a bird fancier lung disease specialist?
Blood tests revealed I have sensitivity to birds. It is 24 which I am told is double what it should be. I am having a high resolution cat scan tomorrow. My doctors understand what the disease is...I would like to be evaluated by a specialist who deals with bird fanciers disease. I have a good bu ...
Occupational Asthma, Worker, 3/23/2016, 3/23/2016,

Comments for the page titled: "Using Oasys"
We work in occupational diseases and we need whole information about Oasys. We want to buy the peak flow meter and the software for use in our patients We are really intereasing in your program and we hope your answer soon Thanks in advance Respiratory group HTS.
Page Comments, , 2/2/2012, 2/24/2016,

Comments for the paper: "Asthma and methacrylates – gluing together the evidence", 2007, Allergy
I have had exercised induced asthma for several years. I was diagnosed in 1998. I have been the Denture Technician since 2000. My asthma has worsened in the last few years and I was recently diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension likely tied with my asthma. One of the dentist I work with mention ...
Published Paper Comments, , 2/17/2016, 2/17/2016,

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