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how much annual decline is " normal" in lung function parameters FVC, PEFR and FEV1.
I am performing health surveillance for a mixed farming group (mushroom workers, dairy, crops, poultry and welders). I am trying to look and health surveillance results logitudinally and set a "trigger" for a referral level to myself by the OHA (as well as adult onset asthma,symptoms, persistent ...
Occupational Asthma, Health Professional, 7/15/2011, 7/22/2011,

Occupational asthma with low level exposure
I have been told that I can't have occupational asthma as the isocyanate levels at work are always at safe levels, is this true?
Occupational Asthma, Specialist, 7/21/2011, 7/21/2011,

Spirometry standardisation
I am writing a protocol to try to standardise the health surveillance we do for Occupational asthma and occupational lung disease. Should spirometry be done standing up or sitting down please?
Occupational Asthma, Health Professional, 7/15/2011, 7/18/2011,

occupational asthma to chromates
I was working at an engineering firm, to start with i was welding zinc plated/galvanized metal to large frames. the metal had been pre painted in primer and top coated in enamel paint, this gave off large amounts of fume, to which i had no protection from. I was then asked to spray paint jobs as ...
Occupational Asthma, Specialist, 7/7/2011, 7/7/2011,

Bakers asthma prognosis?
I've just been diagnosed with bakers asthma, owned my own bagel shop for 15 years, and worked there part time for new owners until receiving diagnosis, when I quickly "retired". If a recovery is possible, how long until condition starts to improve.? I'd say symptoms of rhinitis were present fo ...
Occupational Asthma, Worker, 5/27/2011, 5/29/2011,

occupational asthma and chromite mining
I was consulted by a 33 year old woman who developed asthma after two years of exposure to chromite ore during underground chromite mining. Other exposure was diesel exhaust emissions. Symptoms worse at work and improved away from work. No smelter on site so exposure was only to chromite dust (n ...
Occupational Asthma, Specialist, 5/20/2011, 5/20/2011,

Increased risk of bronchopulmonary aspergillosis in certain occupations
I wonder if you can give me any information regarding the possibility of increased risk of bronchopulmonary aspergillosis in certain occupations. It is my understanding that the Aspergillus exposure is likely to be higher if one is working with organic waste such as gardeners. I have a patient ...
Occupational Asthma, Specialist, 2/20/2006, 5/1/2011,

Occupational asthma from pesticides
Im concerned about pesticides? Herbicides used near were i work ? im having thyroid trouble , insomnia, tremour in left hand , hair loss , muscle pain.C an you advise if we need to wear respiritory mask ?
Occupational Asthma, Specialist, 3/28/2011, 3/28/2011,

Is it possible that i may have had the wrong diagnosis
Please Help I have worked within the motor vehicle repair industry for 25 years, some of that time as a paint sprayer with no problems, unfortunately I have been unable to work for the past four years after supervising the spray paint-shop for 6 months, I was unable to continue working within ...
Occupational Asthma, Worker, 5/28/2008, 3/17/2011,

Deleting markers from Oasys using a laptop
I have great problems in deleting start and stop work markers when I have put them in the wrong place when I am using my laptop, which has no number keypad. I cannot find the key which reproduces the delete key on the number keypad.
Oasys, Specialist, 2/20/2006, 3/10/2011,

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