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Comments for the paper: "Occupational asthma associated with bleached chlorine-free cellulose dust in a sanitary pad production plant.", 2018, Am J Industr Med
This is a detailed report of occupational asthma confirmed by SIC and Oasys PEF analysis with exposure to ozone bleached cellulose at low concentrations. A search for protein contaminants and specific IgE were all negative. Cellulose is a polysaccharide derived from wood, mostly pine species. Th ...
Published Paper Comments, , 2/14/2019, 2/14/2019,

Comments for the paper: "Changes in occupational asthma during four decades in Slovakia, Central Europe", 2018, Ann Agric Environ Med
The study included the patients with OA who were in the database of the Department of Occupational Medicine and Clinical Toxicology at the Louis Pasteur University Hospital in Košice, Slovakia. The database comprises patients who had been diagnosed with OA and reported by this department during ...
Published Paper Comments, , 1/17/2019, 1/17/2019,

Comments for the paper: "Reduced Lung Function among Workers in Primary Coffee Processing Factories in Ethiopia: A Cross Sectional Study.", 2018, Int J Environ Res Public Health
The arithmetic mean (range) of the personal total dust exposure was 17.36 mg/m3 (1.12–81.61 mg/m3) and 0.33 mg/m3 (0.11–1.16 mg/m3) for the coffee workers and controls, respectively. The personal total dust exposure levels among the coffee workers were significantly higher than among the control ...
Published Paper Comments, , 12/28/2018, 1/3/2019,

Comments for the paper: "Occupational cannabis exposure and allergy risks", 2019, Occup Environ Med
From the paper The majority (89%, 72/81) of participants report entering cannabis plantations five times a year or more; 43% (35/81) even report monthly exposure to cannabis. Many (53%, 43/81) are actively involved in the dismantling of plantations with manual removal of the cannabis plants; t ...
Published Paper Comments, , 12/28/2018, 1/1/2019,

What is the shortest latency for isocyanates
A patient developed severe allergic asthma within days of exposure to low levels of isocyanates in a foam factory. Re-exposure at the factory caused recurrence within days. He had a marked eosinophillic reaction which recovered He has been left with asthma The exposure did not suggest a RAD ...
Occupational Asthma, Specialist, 11/15/2018, 11/18/2018,

missmatch between entered and on-graph data
Dear Sirs Pef measurements, that are entered in oasys worksheet, do not appear same on the graf and probably in subsequent analysis. I have taken pictures from the interface, but unfortunately there are no place where to attach it. May be you could provide email aadress, where I can send it? ...
Oasys, Specialist, 11/5/2018, 11/6/2018,

Comments for the paper: "Assessing the chronic respiratory health risk associated with inhalation exposure to powdered toner for printing in actual working conditions: a cohort study on occupationally
This is a longitudinal study of manufacturers and services of printing toners. The study is set up to look for interstitial disease, but is too short (mean 7.4 years) to show anything but the most gross pneumoconiosis. The hygiene measurements show that the servicers have higher exposures to ton ...
Published Paper Comments, , 11/5/2018, 11/5/2018,

Comments for the paper: "Missed opportunities to identify occupational asthma in acute secondary care", 2018, Occup Med
A patient's occupation seems far from the minds of physicians and nurses seeing patients with acute asthma in emergency and hospital admission services, despite the significance of occupation as a cause of the asthma in 15-20% and the consequences of having poorly controlled asthma in all those ...
Published Paper Comments, , 10/26/2018, 10/26/2018,

Comments for the paper: "Hypersensitivity pneumonitis in fish processing workers diagnosed by inhalation challenge.", 2018, ERJ Open Res
Fish processing is a well recognised cause of occupational asthma, this is a report of the first case of hypersensitivity pneumonitis. The patient was a gutter and processor of salmon, with work-related HP symptoms and a positive specific challenge after filleting salmon for 15 minutes and spray ...
Published Paper Comments, , 10/15/2018, 10/15/2018,

Comments for the paper: "Do exposures to aerosols pose a risk to dental professionals?", 2018, Occup Med
No assessment of workers health
Published Paper Comments, , 10/13/2018, 10/13/2018,

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