Is it possible to get asthma from baby chicks kept in house for three weeks in cage

My husband brought home 6 rhode island baby chicks back in April. He kept them in a cage in house for three weeks while building a coupe. My 13 year old daughter starting getting sick with respiratory in May. She was hospital 3 times at the end of May into June. She was diagnosed with asthma, never having any problems with breathing before. its been over 6 months now and her asthma is very much out of control. Doctors are a little baffled of why it's not in control. Could this be due to chicks in house. She did help with cleaning of cage and treated them like pets for that time. Please help!

Oasys, Worker, 12/12/2013, 12/16/2013,

The chicks are an unlikely cause for the asthma. To be the cause they would have to have sensitised her within 3 weeks. This is at the very bottom of the time required for sensitisation to inhaled allergens and usually requires a very potent allergen (such as rodent urine). Chicks are not a common or potent cause of asthma. To be responsible for continuing asthma once the chicks have been moved outside would require both prior sensitisation and continuing exposure. The cause for continuing asthma is more likely to be elsewhere.

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