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Pengelly MI, Groves JA, Foster RD, Ellwood PA, Wagg RM, Development of a method for measuring exposure to resin acids in solder fume, Ann Occup Hyg, 1994;38:765-776,


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A method has been developed for measuring personal exposure to the resin acids released from rosin core solder wire during soldering. The particulate fraction of the solder fume is collected on a membrane filter and the resin acids recovered by solvent extraction with ether. After evaporation of the solvent and methylation, the resin acid esters are analysed by gas chromatography. Field comparisons have been carried out between paired samplers located in the traditional position on the operator's lapel and in a position close to the breathing zone. In most cases, the exposure measured near the breathing zone was at least twice that measured on the lapel. The method can be easily adapted to also measure volatile components of the fume.

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