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Medina-Ramón M, Zock JP, Kogevinas M, Sunyer J, Basagaña X, Schwartz J, Burge PS, Moore V, Antó JM, Short-term respiratory effects of cleaning exposures in female domestic cleaners, Eur Respir J, 2006;27:1196-1203,
(Plain text: Medina-Ramon M, Zock JP, Kogevinas M, Sunyer J, Basagana X, Schwartz J, Burge PS, Moore V, Anto JM, Short-term respiratory effects of cleaning exposures in female domestic cleaners, Eur Respir J)


Known Authors

Josep Antó, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Josep Antó

Sherwood Burge, Oasys Sherwood Burge

Vicky Moore, Oasys Vicky Moore

Jan-Paul Zock, Municipal Institute of Medical Research, Barcelona, Spain Jan-Paul Zock

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Symptoms of obstructive lung disease in domestic cleaners have been related to the use of bleach and other irritant cleaning products. The short-term effects of cleaning exposures on respiratory symptoms and peak expiratory flow (PEF) were investigated in domestic cleaners with respiratory disorders.

In a panel study, 43 female domestic cleaners with a recent history of asthma and/or chronic bronchitis completed a 2-week diary, collecting information on respiratory symptoms, PEF and cleaning exposures. Mixed regression models were used to assess daily changes in symptoms and PEF associated with specific cleaning exposures. The probability of having work-related asthma was individually assessed by a computerised diagnostic system and an occupational asthma expert.

Lower respiratory tract symptoms were more common on working days and were predominantly associated with exposure to diluted bleach, degreasing sprays/atomisers and air fresheners. Associations with upper respiratory tract symptoms and PEF were less apparent. Eleven (30%) subjects scored positively for work-related asthma.

It is concluded that exposure to certain irritant cleaning products aggravates lower respiratory tract symptoms in female domestic cleaners with asthma or chronic bronchitis.

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What is the feasibility of obtaining serial measurements of peak flow in workers suspected of having occupational asthma?
burgeps 51/80 female cleaners kept pef and symptom diaries. 2/51 <7days, 6 further excluded because of <5 days consecutive medication (i.e., changes in treatment) or learning effects or meter malfunction. Records were 3 times daily for 2 weeks 37/43 scorable with oasys or an expert

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