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Hery M, Hecht G, Gerber JM, Gendre JC, Hubert G, Rebuffaud J, Exposure to chloramines in the atmosphere of indoor swimming pools, Ann Occup Hyg, 1995;39:427-439,

Keywords: am, chloramine, swimming pool, methods

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Specific sampling and analytical methods were developed to assess the concentration of chloramines in the atmosphere of indoor swimming pools because swimming instructors had complained of irritation (mainly eye and lung). The sampling method is based upon the reduction of chloramines to chlorides which are then analysed by ion chromatography. The chloramine concentration in the atmosphere of 13 swimming pools (including five recreational centres and one reeducation centre) was measured, showing that the concentrations were higher in the recreational centres. The influence of slides, bubbling baths, waves and other activities were demonstrated. A correlation was made between the level of pollutants and the complaints registered, leading to the proposal of a 'comfort' limit value.

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