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Erkan F, Baur X, Kili:caslan Z, Tabak L, Arseven O, Erelel M, Jaeger D, Cavdar T, Exogenous allergic alveolitis caused by mouldy hazel nut leaves., Pneumologie, 1992;46:32-35,

Keywords: alveolitis, hazel nut, Thermoactinomyces vulgaris, farmer, case report, turkey, bal, IgG, leaf

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Xaver Baur, Institute of occupational medicine, Hamburg Xaver Baur

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A 62-year old farmer woman from the northeastern, very rainy part of Turkey has been collecting large amounts of green and brown involucral hazel-nut leaves for subsequent use as fuel. For the last 20 years she had been complaining of cough, respiratory distress and intermittent fever. In the course of years of continual antigen exposure she developed the clinical and x-ray signs of fibrosis of the lung. Bronchoalveolar lavage produced the typical cell pattern of chronic exogenous allergic alveolitis with predominant CD8 cells. Serum analysis yielded high titres of IgG antibodies against mould fungi partly obtained from hazel-nut husk cultures, as well as thermophilic actinomycetes

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