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Armentia A, Arranz M, Martin JM, de la Fuente R, Sanchez P, Barber D, Salcedo G, Blanco A, Evaluation of immune complexes after immunotherapy with wheat flour in bakers' asthma, Ann Allergy, 1992;69:441-444,

Keywords: oa, immunotherapy, wheat, flour, baker

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Inhalant food allergy has been described many times in literature, but double-blind clinical trials to support successful hyposensitization to these allergens has seldom been reported. Some authors have suspected that certain adverse reactions after immunotherapy may be mediated by immune complexes. Furthermore, the FDA does not recommend injection therapy with food extracts. We present a study on the detection of adverse effects after immunotherapy with an inhalant food (wheat flour) in a double-blind clinical trial in 26 patients with bakers' asthma. We investigated the presence of circulating immune complexes (CICs) after 2 years of treatment with hyposensitization to wheat flour

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