Oasys back online

Oasys back online
Our internet hosting company transferred the website to a new server this Monday (Feb 3rd, 2020), and due to unforseen problems Oasys wasn't unavailable until Thursday (Feb 6th 2020).

Although Oasys is working now, there are some residual problems.

The "Tools - Connection Checker" menu option in Oasys will report that it can't connect to the server, even though it does actually work. We will be releasing a new version of Oasys in the next few days to fix this.

The server test page currently isn't working either, which adds to the confusion. We are working on this as well.

Finally, the IP address of the website has changed during the server transfer, so it's possible that the firewalls for some users will be preventing access to the new server. In this case please ensure that the new IP adress ( is contactable through the firewall.

Once again, apologies for the inconvenience. We tested a dry run of the server transfer before doing the real one, but something different and as yet undiscovered happened which caused a lot of problems.


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