Instructions for the Asma-1 meter

Instructions for the Asma-1 meter

When to take the readings

The readings should be taken regularly, whether at work or not. The readings should be taken on waking and then approximately at two hourly intervals until you go to bed. Also, do extra readings when and if you have symptoms.

It is Important that you write down the times that you start and finish work each day.


  1. Ensure that the white cardboard mouthpiece is securely placed into the peak flow meter flowhead.
  2. Stand or sit in good posture.
  3. Press the "on" button once to switch the meter on.
  4. Once the meter is ready for you to do a blow (), take a deep breath - As Deep As Possible.
  5. Place the mouthpiece into your mouth and close your lips around it tightly. Blow Out, as Fast and as Hard as possible.
  6. Make a note of your PEF reading.
  7. Do this Three Times or more, so that you obtain three close readings.
  8. Write down the Highest of your three readings in the correct column onto the chart provided. If the readings are more than 20 units apart, then take some more readings, but always write down the highest. You can press the middle button to display the best blow.
  9. Hold down the "on" button until you hear a long beep to switch the device off.

Please note: if you need to take your inhaler when it is time to carry out a peak flow reading, do the blow first, then take your inhaler. If you forget to take a reading, please do not guess what you may have got, just go onto the next recording when you remember.

Please remember to write down your name, job and date on All of the charts provided. Thank you for your assistance.


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