Oasys score versus the Timepoint Analysis

With an inadequate number of rest days between the exposures days, which is the most reliable score to use between the Oasys score and the Timepoint Analysis score?

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The ABC score and timepoint score are better for intermittent exposure, so cope with a day at work, then a day off, then a day at work etc. The Oasys score is better when there are 3 consecutive work days in any work period, but there can be just one day off at the weekend, although with many patients it will take more than a dy off to recover from the exposure, so with any scoring system you may get a negative result but the patient actually needs more than 1 or 2 consecutive days off. The timpoint analysis won't wokr in those with different waking times on work and rest days, but the ABC and Oasys score cope with this. The oasys score works well with a minimum of 4 readings per day, but the ABC and timepoint are better when there is 2 hourly readings (but you can get away with a shorter record. Hope that helps. thanks

In short, they're both good.

But neither will be able to diagnose occupational asthma if there is only one rest (or non exposed) day between work (or exposed) days, if the patient takes more than a day to recover.

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