Effects of inhaling burning plastic

What are the effects if you inhale burning plastic?
Occupational Asthma, Specialist, 2/20/2006, 2/20/2006,

Burning plastics can release the original agents from which they were made, or if burnt at a higher temperature breakdown products of them, most of which are respiratory irritants. For instance heating polyurethanes can liberate isocyanates, and burning powdercoat paints, release TGIC (if made with them). Many of the original cross-linking agents from which plastics are made are specific respiratory sensitisers (for instance isocyanates). Some plastics are recycled, making their components difficult to identify. In my experience plastic moulding operations sometimes lead to overheating and fumes which can induce asthma. This may be of the irritant type, but there are others who seem to become sensitised and then react to the more usual exposures during routine moulding operations. There is little documented information on this.
Would those holding databases of cases please comment.

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