Heederik D, Venables KM, Malmberg P, Hollander A, Karlsson AS, Renstrom A, Doekes G, Nieuwenhuijsen MJ, Gordon S, Exposure-response relationships for work-related sensitisation in workers exposed to rat urinary allergens: results from a pooled study, J Allergy Clin Immunol, 1999;103:678-684,

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Data from 3 cross-sectional studies in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Sweden were used. Selection criteria were harmonized, resulting in a study population of 650 animal laboratory workers (60.6% female) with less than 4 years of exposure. Air allergen levels were assessed previously and converted on the basis of an interlaboratory allergen analysis comparison. Available sera were analyzed for the presence of specific antibodies against common allergens (house dust mite, cat, dog, and grass and birch pollen) and work-related allergens (rat and mouse urinary proteins). Questionnaire items on work-related respiratory symptoms, hours worked with rats per week, job performed, smoking habits, and sex were used in this analysis. A clear exposure-response relationship was observed for rat urinary allergen exposure and specific IgE antibodies against laboratory animals.

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