Flood DF, Blofeld RE, Bruce CF et al, Lung function, atopy, specific hypersensitivity, and smoking of workers in the enzyme detergent industry over 11 years, Br J Ind Med, 1985;42:43-50,

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A study of 2800 workers employed in 3 factories covering 11 years of operation showed that 2344 workers had sufficient lung function data to meet the operational criteria and these were analysed in 3 separate groups. Spirometry and prick tests for specific skin reactions to standardised enzyme were performed at six monthly intervals for the first 6 years of the study and then annually. The lung function of the factory groups was analysed for the effects of working in the detergent industry, the degree of exposure to enzymes, skin prick test positivity to enzymes, atopicity, and smoking. Exposure to the enzyme allergen has had no significant long-term effect on the lung function of the detergent workers. A higher proportion of atopics than non-atopics became skin test positive to the allergen and more smokers than non-smokers were sensitised. The overall lung function of detergent workers showed 39 ml/year loss in FEV1 on the 11 year longitudinal study.

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** 2+ Prospective surveillance for the development of specific IgE antibodies can be used as part of a broader risk management programme to reduce the incidence of occupational asthma.

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