Asma-1 Oasys

Asma-1 Oasys
Oasys has made an agreement with Vitalograph to allow automatic entry of peak flow (PEF) and forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) results.

This saves the time associated with hand entry and ensures that the results are accurate as transcription errors are not possible and patients are not able to misrecord readings (although a friend or relative could "have a go" with the meter and add spurios readings).

The Asma-1 can be bought from Vitalograph on their OASYS with Vitalograph asma-1 usb ordering page. The Oasys program itself is provided free of charge. The Asma-1 meter is cheaper when used with Oasys (as Vitalograph don't supply their own software). This can be ordered as Cat No. 40448 Asma-1 USB. Overseas Oasys users can also purchase a devices from Vitalograph in Buckingham at the same price (or the Euro/US Dollar equivalent) by e-mailing and mentioning Oasys.

Please see Importing Readings from the Asma-1 to see details of how the automatic import is done.
Once you have an Asma-1 meter you will need to Download Oasys (which is free).

We also have Patient Instructions for using the Asma-1 meter.


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