Cannot save the patient details file

Cannot save the patient details file
This happens when something has gone wrong, but Oasys does not know what. You will see an error message starting with "Unexpected error: ", followed by a description.

Unexpected error:  .....

If this has happened to you, please contact us using the link at the bottom of the page.

In the first instance we will update this page with details of the specific error and any supporting information. If we can reproduce the error ourselves, then in the second instance we will try to update Oasys to handle the error more gracefully.

So far we only know of one such error ...

Unexpected error: system error. Code: 5. Access is denied

This happened once and started working again after restarting Oasys. 

Oasys writes data to the Patient Details File when you make changes, and this file will be on your computer (or maybe on the network). By default it is "My Documents\oasyspatientdetails.opd", and you can see where yours is saved by looking in the Oasys Options.

We think this error occurs when you don't have permissions to write to this file. To fix it, make sure that you do have write permission.


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