Is atopy a risk factor for developing occupational asthma?

The following references have been associated with this question by users of this website. They do not form part of the BOHRF occupational asthma guidelines.

burgeps Caldeira 2006 Odds ratio for atopy 2.19 (2.99 for 3 or more allergens)
burgeps Maçãira 2007 Atopics at higher risk of new-onset occupational asthma in cross-sectional population study (odds ratio 2.9).
burgeps Larsen 2007 Atopy a risk for sensitisation but not disease A study of manufacturers of a mixed (and unspecified) group of enzymes studied prospectively. The incidence of sensitisation and disease was measured for the first 3 years of exposure only. The incidence for sensitisation was 0.13/person year at risk and for disease (asthma, rhinitis or urticaria) 0.03/person year at risk. There was no relationship betweem measured exposure and incidence, but incidence reduced over time (1970-2002), during which time more atopics were employed. Atopy was a risk factor for sensitisation but not disease, smoking was a risk factor for disease and sensitisation (x2). It is likely that the air measurement did not fully represent exposures, and that the initial exclusion of atopics was a confouding factor. Within the first 3 years 10-5% developed disease (decreasing over time); of those with disease 55% had asthma.
burgeps Patiwael 2010 atopy risk factor for oa and or but not as strong as smoking

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