Park HS, Kim YJ, Lee MK et al, Occupational asthma and IgE antibodies to reactive dyes, Yonsei Med J, 1989;30:298-304,

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Paper reports 9 cases of immediate type occupational asthma to reactive dyes in one dye industry. All patients had had asthmatic symptoms, 4 had had rhinitis and they had worked for 6 to 25 months. Skin prick tests with reactive dyes were positive and bronchoprovocation tests also produced immediate or dual types of bronchoconstriction. Radioallergosorbent test (RAST) technique with nitrocellulose filter paper as a solid phase was used to detect specific IgE to 4 reactive dye-human serum albumin conjugates. High specific IgE binding was found in 8 asthmatic workers compared with 13 negative controls. The RAST inhibition test revealed that there was no immunological cross-reactivity between 4 reactive dyes. These results suggested that the mechanism of their asthmatic symptoms was immunological, mostly an IgE-mediate reaction.

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** 2+ Both skin prick and serological tests are sensitive for detecting specific IgE and occupational asthma caused by acid anhydrides and some reactive dyes; but have a lower specificity for diagnosing asthma.

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