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ElAnsary EH, Tee RD, Gordon DJ, Newman Taylor AJ, Respiratory allergy to inhaled bat guano, Lancet, 1987;i:316-318,

Keywords: oa, bat yellow hairy, hospital, as , rh, bat black, pt, IgE, nurse, nc

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Tony Newman Taylor, Royal Brompton Hospital, London Tony Newman Taylor

Rosemary Tee, Royal Brompton Hospital Rosemary Tee

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In the Sudan many asthmatic patients attribute their symptoms to inhalation of bat droppings. Design of the roofs of many Sudanese buildings allows black bats to roost; guano drops through cracks in the ceiling into the rooms below where it can be inhaled and cause allergic respiratory disorders. Seven atopic patients seen at Sennar Hospital with bat-related case-histories were investigated. Six had bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis and one had asthma alone. Extracts of yellow hairy bat, black bat, and bat droppings were made. All seven patients had a positive skin prick test and specific IgE antibodies (RAST) to bat droppings. Three patients also had a positive RAST to both yellow and black bats and one patient to yellow bat. Droppings are probably the major allergen source in bat-related respiratory allergy.

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