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Ye Y-M, Kim H-M, Suh C-H, Nahm D-H, Park H-S, Three cases of occupational asthma induced by thiamphenicol: detection of serum-specific IgE, Allergy, 2006;61:394-395,

Keywords: korea, new cause, thiamphenicol, IgE

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Hae-Sim Park, Korea Hae-Sim Park

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Thiamphenicol, a derivative of chloramphenicol,has been widely prescribed in
Korea. A few cases of contact dermatitis caused by thiamphenicol have
been reported and cross-reactivity with chloramphenicol was suggested (1, 2). To date, there has been no report of rhinitis or asthma caused by thiamphenicol. Although exposure to antibiotics including b-lactams are known to cause asthma in workers in the pharmaceutical industry (3), the pathogenesis of occupational asthma induced by antibiotics still remains unclear. This is the first case of occupational asthma and rhinitis caused
by thiamphenicol inhalation in which both immunoglobulin-E (IgE)-mediated
and non-non-IgE-mediated responses were at work.

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