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Tee RD, Gordon DJ, Lacey J, Nunn AJ, Brown M, Newman Taylor AJ, Occupational allergy to the common house fly. (Musca domestica): use of immunologic response to identify atmospheric allergen, J Allergy Clin Immunol, 1985;76:826-831,

Keywords: case report, IgE, air measurement

Known Authors

Tony Newman Taylor, Royal Brompton Hospital, London Tony Newman Taylor

Rosemary Tee, Royal Brompton Hospital Rosemary Tee

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A 48-year-old scientific worker developed rhinitis that occurred when she entered the housefly (Musca domestica) rearing room where she worked. She was found to have specific IgE antibody to M. domestica in her serum by RAST. She was relocated at work and avoided further occupational exposure to M. domestica. The level of specific IgE decreased in serial samples but subsequently increased after her inadvertent reexposure at work. Extracts of fly-cage dust and of high volume atmospheric samples from the fly-rearing room inhibited the M. domestica RAST in a dose-dependent fashion. After logit transformation the lines of inhibition of the fly cage dust and of the atmospheric samples were parallel and steeper than the self-inhibition by M. domestica, implying the cage dust and atmospheric samples shared antigens not present in the M. domestica extract. This method of monitoring atmospheric antigen has considerable potential for evaluating the effectiveness of environmental change in the workplace

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