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Hannu T, Piipari R, Toskala E, Immediate hypersensitivity type of occupational laryngitis in a welder exposed to welding fumes of stainless steel, Am J Ind Med, 2006;49(5):402-405,


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Timo Hannu, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health Timo Hannu

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Although upper respiratory symptoms have been reported to occur in welders, occupational laryngitis of immediate hypersensitivity type due to welding fumes of stainless steel has not been previously reported.

Occupational laryngitis was diagnosed based on the specific challenge test combined with the patient's history of occupational exposure and laryngeal symptoms.

During the past few years, a 50-year-old man had started to experience laryngeal symptoms while welding stainless steel. The welding challenge test with stainless steel caused significant changes in the laryngeal status 30 min after challenge: increased erythema, edema, and hoarseness of the voice. The referent inhalation challenge test by welding mild steel was negative.

The welding of stainless steel should be included in the etiological factors of occupational laryngitis of immediate hypersensitivity type.

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