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Vandenplas O, Pirson F, D'Alpaos V, Vander Borght T, Thimpont J, Pilette C, Occupational asthma caused by chamomile, Allergy, 2008;63:1090-1092,

Keywords: chamomile, camomile, challenge, immediate reaction, IgE, Matricaria chamomilla, Asteracea, rhinitis, occupational asthma, tea packer, bronchial reactivity, sputum eosinophilia

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Olivier Vandenplas, Universite Mont-Goginne, Yvoir Olivier Vandenplas

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43 year old man developed rhinitis and asthma 11 years after starting work as a maintenance worker in a tea packing plant processing black tea (Camellia sinensis) and herbal teas including chamomile, lime (Tilia cordata) and dog rose. Symptoms related to chammile packing. Histamine Pc20 20mg/ml after 8 months off work pre-challenge. Immediate reaction to tipping chomile 300g for 1 hour, negatibe reaction tipping black tea. Induced sputum 6 hours after black tea showed no eosinophils, 6 hours after chamomile Pc20 8mg/ml and sputum eosinophils (7.5%). Lime tea also negative. SPT to chamomile extract 10mg/ml 6mm wheal, black and lime negative. IfE to chamomile positive (Immunocap)

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Evidence table:
Occupational asthma: occupational asthma due to chamomile tea dust (new cause) occupational asthma due to chamomile tea dust (new cause)

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