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Vandenplas O, Delwiche JP, Vanbilsen ML, Joly J, Roosels D, Occupational asthma caused by aluminium welding, Eur Respir J, 1998;11:1182-1184,

Keywords: Belgium, oa, aluminium, challenge, welder

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Olivier Vandenplas, Universite Mont-Goginne, Yvoir Olivier Vandenplas

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Work-related asthma has been documented in workers employed in the primary aluminium industry and in the production of aluminium salts. The role of aluminium in the development of occupational asthma has, however, never been convincingly substantiated. We investigated a subject who experienced asthmatic reactions related to manual metal arc welding on aluminium. Challenge exposure to aluminium welding with flux-coated electrodes, as well as with electrodes without flux, elicited marked asthmatic reactions. Manual metal arc welding on mild steel did not cause significant bronchial response. The results of inhalation challenges combined with exposure assessments provided evidence that aluminium can cause asthmatic reactions in the absence of fluorides. Awareness of this possibility may be relevant to the investigation of asthma in workers exposed to aluminium

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