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Lemiere C, Malo JL, McCants M, Lehrer S, Occupational asthma caused by roasted coffee: immunologic evidence that roasted coffee contains the same antigens as green coffee, but at a lower concentration, J Allergy Clin Immunol, 1996;98:464-466,

Keywords: Canada, asthma, coffee, IgE, case report

Known Authors

Jean-Luc Malo, Hôpital de Sacré Coeur, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Jean-Luc Malo

Catherine Lemière, Hôpital de Sacré Coeur, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Catherine Lemière

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This report also shows the presence of allergens in roasted coffee beans of the same nature but in lower concentrations than in green coffee beans.
These roasted coffee beans are not related to castor beans, which were originally thought to be responsible for sensitization to green coffee. This study demonstrates that roasted coffee beans can sensitize coffee workers, probably because of residual green coffee bean allergens that survive the roasting process.

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