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Jacobsen N, Derand T, HenstenPettersen A, Profile of work-related health complaints among Swedish dental laboratory technicians, Community Dentistry & Oral Epidemiology, 1996;24:138-144,

Keywords: Sweden, dental technician, heathcare worker

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The purpose of the present investigation was to assess the prevalence and nature of occupation-related health problems among Swedish dental laboratory technicians. A 4-page questionnaire listing seven groups of health complaints was completed by 489 male and 242 female technicians, representing 56% of the active members of their organization. Similar information from 163 males and 160 females with other occupations was used for comparison. The biannual prevalence of health problems among the technicians was 79%, comprising musculoskeletal (68%), dermal (34%), respiratory 31%, neurological (26%), systemic (19%) and eyesight/hearing problems (15%). Job-specific ergonomic and stress factors were responsible for musculoskeletal and neurological (finger) reactions whereas chemical insults, grinding dusts and indoor climate caused dermal, respiratory and systemic reactions. There was no age prevalence as regards health complaints, but female technicians consistently showed a large prevalence of musculoskeletal, dermal systemic and neurological complaints than their male counterparts (P < 0.05, chi2). A similar sex difference was also present in the control group. A considerable part of the reactions were perceived to be of minor importance, bringing the total biannual prevalence down to 57%. However, the prevalence of job-related health complaints was still higher among the technicians than in control groups for all indicators except systemic and eyesight/hearing problems. The profile of health complaints among dental laboratory technicians was characterized by musculoskeletal, neurological and dermal reaction, underlining the importance of job-specific ergonomic and chemical hazards. Only a few of the technicians had consulted medical personnel

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