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Igea JM, Fernandez M, Quirce S, de la Hoz B, Diez Gomez ML, Green bean hypersensitivity: an occupational allergy in a homemaker. [Review], J Allergy Clin Immunol, 1994;94:33-35,

Keywords: oa, Green Beans, legume, food, pt, IgE, ch, nc

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Santiago Quirce, Madrid Santiago Quirce

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As a member of the legume family, the green bean is frequently associated with food allergy. However, allergic reactions caused by skin contact or by inhalation of vapors from boiling legumes are rare. This article presents a case of occupational asthma in a homemaker; symptoms occurred during preparation and cooking of raw green beans. Skin prick, rub, and bronchial provocation tests were performed on the patient. In vitro tests were done with the serum samples of the patient and 10 control subjects (5 atopic and 5 nonatopic). Test results indicate that the patient has type I hypersensitivity to raw green bean antigen(s). This case is of interest because it demonstrates that a food allergen, when inhaled, can induce respiratory symptoms in sensitized patients and may even be the source of primary sensitization. [References: 7]

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