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Mapp CE, Chitano P, Fabbri LM, Patacchini R, Maggi CA, Pharmacological modulation of the contractile response to toluene diisocyanate in the rat isolated urinary bladder, Br J Pharmacol, 1990;100:886-888,

Keywords: ex, TDI

Known Authors

Leo Fabbri, University of Moderna and Reggio Emilia Leo Fabbri

Christina Mapp, Padova University Christina Mapp

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1. Toluene diisocyanate produced concentration-dependent contractions of the rat isolated urinary bladder.

2. The contractions were tetrodotoxin-resistant and were abolished by previous exposure of the strips to capsaicin.

3. Indomethacin (5 microM) and ruthenium red (30 microM) inhibited toluene diisocyanate-induced contractions. Responses expressed as a percentage of the response obtained with substance P, 30 nM, were respectively 141.6 +/- 24.8% and 20.1 +/- 5.1% in control and indomethacin-treated strips (P less than 0.005); 123.0 +/- 30.2% and 14.0 +/- 6.5% in control and ruthenium red-treated strips (0.01 less than P less than 0.05).

4. These results suggest that toluene diisocyanate-induced contractions of the rat isolated bladder are the result of the release of cyclo-oxygenase products which may act by activating the capsaicin receptor

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