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Moore V.C., Drive thru spirometry - the next direction to go in?, Inspire, 2020;21:31-34,

Keywords: spirometry, drive thru

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Workplaces are struggling to carry out testing to the same capacity as they did pre-COVID, or even perform it at all, so we have to think outside of the box. We were given the opportunity to hold out-patient clinics close to the Birmingham Nightingale at a cold site with plenty of space for distancing, but the vailability was short term. We decided to use this space to test patients who had been shielding and therefore could not attend a hospital setting. The patients attending required Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) monitoring to determine if they were eligible for certain treatments, but aerosol generating procedures were not allowed in the building. We were given 3 weeks notice and had to make it happen. The only real solution: drive-thru spirometry.

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