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ARTP COVID-19 Group, Guidelines for recommencing physiological services during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) endemic phase version 5.1, , 2020;acccessed:.,

Keywords: Lung function, FEV1, Covid, ARTP, methods

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The role of respiratory and sleep diagnostics in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease is widely known and it is of vital importance that diagnostic services are reintroduced to prevent delays in patient care. This document provides essential advice and guidance on restoring respiratory physiological services during the COVID endemic phase and adds to the suite of COVID-19 information
developed by ARTP and ratified by leading UK professional groups. This document presents a risk mitigation approach to reinstating and maintaining services using a 3P’s (patient, procedure, plant) methodology. This approach will allow local
flexibility in the delivery of respiratory services without compromising the safety of patients and healthcare staff. Pre-screening of patients should always be undertaken to reduce risk and it is recommended that respiratory function tests (RFTs) should only be undertaken when it will definitively inform or change a patient’s management.
It acknowledges that service delivery must be responsive to local and national lockdowns due to spikes in COVID-19 prevalence and provides a risk stratified approach to infection control for respiratory function testing and sleep diagnostics that can be stepped up or down dependant on local conditions. The document also considers what are termed ‘Special Cases’ and provides specific advice and recommendations for paediatric and community settings using the most recent evidence base.
This guidance should form the basis of local standard operating procedures, developed in conjunction with infection prevention and control teams, which facilitate rapid responses in an ever-evolving situation.

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