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Mason P, Liviero F, Crivellaro M, Maculan P, Maestrelli P, Guarnieri G, Cutaneous sensitization to aziridine preceding the onset of occupational asthma., Occup Med (London), 2020;70:135-138,10.1093/occmed/kqz154

Keywords: aziridine, cr, ch, oa, de, prick test, italy

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Piero Maestrelli, Padova University, Italy Piero Maestrelli

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We describe a 47-year-old non-atopic woman, working as a spray painter in a tannery for 23 years, with a 16-year history of cutaneous symptoms and a subsequent 2-year history of asthmatic symptoms after exposure to aerosol and vapour of polyfunctional aziridine (PFA) at work. To confirm the occupational origin of the dermatitis and asthma we performed a skin prick test with PFA and a specific inhalation challenge (SIC) with PFA. Prick test with PFA elicited an immediate positive skin reaction. She developed an immediate asthmatic reaction upon SIC with PFA. The onset of occupational dermatitis before asthma is consistent with the hypothesis that the sensitization to PFA was triggered in the skin. The observation that the reactions elicited in skin and airways upon exposure to PFA exhibited the same time course, suggests a similar mechanism at both sites. Thus, the avoidance of both skin and airway exposure to PFA should be recommended in workplace hygiene practice.

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