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Amaza IP, Kreidy MP, Silo-Filler’s Disease: One Health System’s Experience and an Update of the Literatur, Journal of Agromedicine, 2020;25:8-13,https://doi.org/10.1080/1059924X.2019.1592045
(Plain text: Amaza IP, Kreidy MP, Silo-Filler's Disease: One Health System's Experience and an Update of the Literatur, Journal of Agromedicine)

Keywords: silo filler, review, NOX,

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Silo-filler’s disease, a life-threatening condition from exposure to silage gas in recently filled silos, has been known for over 5 decades now. However, farm workers remain exposed to this preventable condition. We describe the index presentations and subsequent changes among 19 patients managed within our health system over a 61-year period and highlight the need for ongoing education on minimizing exposure to silo gas.

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