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Toppila-Salmi S, Chanoine S, Karjalainen J, Pekkanen J, Bousquet J, Siroux V, Risk of adult-onset asthma increases with the number of allergic multimorbidities and decreases with age., Allergy, 2019;:,DOI: 10.1111/all.13971

Keywords: Finland, asthma, incidence, allergy, no

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The aim was to study the association between allergic multimorbidity and adult-onset asthma considering the number of allergic diseases and the age effect.

We used population-based data from Finnish national registers including 1205 adults over 30 years of age with recently diagnosed asthma (age range: 30-93), matched for gender, age, and living region with one or two controls (n=2050). Allergic rhinitis (AR), allergic conjunctivitis (AC) and allergic dermatitis (AD), was defined from self-completed questionnaire. Conditional logistic regression adjusted on potential confounders (smoking, growing in countryside, childhood hospitalized infection/pneumonia, parental asthma/allergy, parental smoking, education level, professional training, number of siblings, and birth order) was applied to estimate the asthma risk associated with allergic multimorbidity.

1118 cases with asthma and 1772 matched controls were included [mean (sd, min-max) 53 (11, 31-71) years, 37% men)]. AR, AC or AD were reported by 50.2%, 39.6%, 33.8%, respectively among subjects with asthma and 26.1%, 20.0%, 23.5%, among controls. Compared to non-atopics, adult-onset asthma increased with the number of allergic diseases; adjusted OR for asthma [CI95%] associated with 1, 2, and 3 allergic diseases were 1.95 [1.52-2.49], 2.87 [2.19-3.77], and 4.26 [3.07-5.90], respectively. The association between adult-onset asthma and =1 allergic multimorbidity decreased with increasing age (3.52 [2.51-4.94], 2.44 [1.74-3.42] and 1.68 [1.04-2.71]) in subjects < 50 years, 50-62 years and >62 years, respectively (p for age*=1 allergic multimorbidity interaction, .002).

Adult-onset asthma was positively associated with the number of allergic diseases and this association decreases with age

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