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Burge CBSG, Burge PS, Harvey J, Barraclough R, Hoyle J, Thilsing T, Paris C, Diagnosis of occupational asthma from serial plots of PEF; first year results of open access to the Oasys internet database, Eur J Respir Dis, 2011;38 Suppl 5:4939,

Keywords: Oasys, online, quality, diagnosis,

Known Authors

Sherwood Burge, Oasys Sherwood Burge

Cedd Burge, Oasys Cedd Burge

Jennifer Hoyle, North Manchester General Hospital Jennifer Hoyle

Richard Barraclough, Manchester Richard Barraclough

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Occupational asthma requires validation. The most accessible first stage is diagnostic confirmation from serial measurements of PEF or FEV1, supported by all evidence-based reviews. Reliance on these diagnostic methods is limited by interpreter disagreement and record quality. The Oasys diagnostic aid overcomes both of these problems by applying evidence-based data quality and interpreter-independent diagnoses. In April 2010 we made Oasys freely available via the internet. Uploaded records are anonymous but their country of origin can often be identified from the email address. We compare the results of uploaded records for the first 9 months of open access, with records entered in 2010 from our centre, where Oasys has been in use for many years. 349 records have been entered from our centre and 321 records uploaded from centres outside our own; sources including Denmark (32), other UK (165), Korea (5), Italy (5), Taiwan (5) and Unknown (99).

PEF data quality and interpretation
Number Quality optimal Occupational asthma
Birmingham 349 174 (50%) 111 (32%)
Rest of the world 321 167 (52%) 80 (25%)

The table shows that other centres using Oasys are able to achieve similar quality and diagnostic confirmation to our own and is suitable for more widespread use. It is freely available via www.occupationalasthma.com

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